2017-2018 Catalog 
    Jun 19, 2018  
2017-2018 Catalog

Master of Practical Ministries, M.P.M.

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The Master of Practical Ministries (MPM) is designed specifically for officers of The Salvation Army who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree.

The Territorial Secretary, Education Department of The Salvation Army Central Territory, collaborates with Olivet’s program coordinator of the MPM. The major goal of the program is the preparation of students at the graduate level for ministry that confronts society as a whole while focusing on religious, social, and cultural issues, especially as they relate to The Salvation Army.

Learners are involved in concentrated studies during week-long seminars, offered during May and August, with experts in the field of practical ministries. Instructors include faculty from Olivet as well as qualified personnel from The Salvation Army. Work relating to these seminars and various aspects of practical ministries as carried on by The Salvation Army (readings and papers) are assigned as work study projects.

30 hours


Program Objectives

The purposes of the MPM program are to:

  1. Assist learners in the continuing development of the skills of understanding and communicating the Biblical message to everyday circumstances, especially the difficult spiritual, social, and economic circumstances of the needy.
  2. Help learners develop a personal growth plan - spiritually, socially, and professionally.
  3. Encourage learners to do competent research and writing in the areas of practical ministry, such as pastoral care, social service, including programs of enrichment for seniors, youth, and ministry management.
  4. Foster the continued development of those skills necessary for community leaders in the fields of pastoral leadership (both in church and institutional settings), social welfare ministries, community service ministries and development, and public relations responsibilities.

Time Limit

Coursework for May seminars must be completed and submitted to instructors no later than the end of November (dates to be assigned).

Coursework for August seminars must be completed and submitted to instructors no later than the end of February (dates to be assigned).

Graduation Requirements

  1. Completion of eight week-long seminars including subsequent work study assignments. Each seminar is worth three semester hours of graduate credit toward the 30-semester hour graduate program. Twelve seminars are available. Six seminars are offered in May, and six seminars are offered in August. The learner may take two seminars per year.
  2. Completion of a two hour ministry practicum. The proposal is to be approved by the learner’s advisory committee and is to deal with a specific area of ministry in which the learner is directly engaged.
  3. Completion of a master’s thesis. The subject is to be approved by the learner’s graduate advisory committee.

Graduate Committee

The Graduate Committee is developed by the program coordinator. The Committee consists of a major adviser and two additional faculty members, one of whom is appointed by Olivet. The Committee approves the thesis topic and conducts the oral defense. The completed thesis is recommended by the Committee to the program coordinator for final approval.

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