2019-2020 Catalog 
    Jun 13, 2024  
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SPED 321 - Emotional and Behavioral Supports

3 hours
This course provides a platform for teacher candidates to explore the educator’s role in supporting students’ emotional wellbeing and growth in social skills.  Competencies acquired will include assessing learning environments, conducting functional behavior analyses, writing and monitoring behavior goals and plans, and intervening with students in crisis.  Teacher candidates will also acquire knowledge in basic classroom management methods, conflict resolution strategies and fostering positive learning environments.  Adapting learning environments and routines to meet students’ needs and legal/ethical considerations will also be addressed.  Special focus will be paid to the emotional development and behavioral needs of students with disabilities.  This course includes 15 hours of field experience. Prerequisite(s): EDUC 140 , EDUC 195 , EDUC 200 , EDUC 225 , EDUC 280  and EDUC 376 . UG