2019-2020 Catalog 
    Nov 27, 2022  
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Mathematics


  Professor of Mathematics; Chair, Department of Mathematics
B.S., 1983, Eastern Nazarene College
M.A., 1986, Boston University
Ph.D., 1989, Boston University

  Professor of Mathematics
B.A., 1986, Kalamazoo College
M.A., 1989, Western Michigan University
Ph.D., 1997, Bowling Green State University

  Associate Professor of Mathematics
B.A., 2003, Point Loma Nazarene University
M.S., 2005, Northeastern University
Ph.D., 2009, Northeastern University

  Associate Professor of Mathematics
B.A., 2003, University of Michigan-Flint
Ph.D., 2012, Michigan State University

  Associate Professor of Mathematics
B.A., 2002, MidAmerica Nazarene University
M.S., 2004, Clemson University
Ph.D., 2008, Clemson University

  Assistant Professor of Mathematics
B.S., 2004, University of Illinois
M.S., 2008, Illinois State University


The mission of the Department of Mathematics at Olivet Nazarene University is to develop in its students the characteristics of logical and analytical thinking, an appreciation of the beauty of mathematical structures, and problem solving skills needed for career and personal development. This mission includes instruction in mathematics for the liberal arts, instruction in mathematics in support of other disciplines, and in advanced mathematics for departmental majors.

The Department of Mathematics offers mathematics majors leading to either bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degrees, along with bachelor of science degrees in either mathematics teaching, actuarial science, or data science. Minors in mathematics, both teaching and non-teaching are also offered, as are minors in statistics or data science.

The skills developed through a degree in mathematics will open the career door to almost any profession. Jobs related to mathematics are near the top of most ratings of professions. Actuarial Science in particular is often the top rated profession and comes with a zero unemployment rate. Actuaries work in the insurance and financial planning fields.

Data Science is a new program, created because of the demand in this technological society we live in to effectively analyze the huge amounts of data that are readily available. It is a natural combination of computing ability along with statistical knowledge. It has been recently called the “Hottest job in America” and is applicable to almost any academic area.

One area within the Department of Mathematics, that has been particularly strong, is the B.S. in Mathematics Teaching. These graduates go on to become mathematics teachers in junior or senior high schools. Our graduates have an exceptionally high rate of obtaining jobs upon completion of their degree.

For students who wish to further their studies, graduate teaching fellowships in mathematics are readily available at major universities; cost is therefore typically not a factor for students who go to graduate school in mathematics.