2023-2024 Catalog 
    Jul 25, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Language Learner Endorsement (Indiana)

Laurene Hofman, Ed.D., Director
Amy MacCrindle, Ed.D., Coordinator

The English Language Learners program is designed for the teacher who desires to work more effectively with students who are English language learners. Current educational best practices-including engaged learning, learning styles, technology integration, collegial collaboration and authentic assessment-are threaded throughout the program. The infusion of theory and practice with a diverse student population in mind is foundational for the curriculum as is consideration of the needs for 21st century learners. The program is aligned to the Indiana Content Standards for Educators English Learners (EL) standards and the TESOL P-12 Professional Teaching Standards. The program is designed for teachers who have completed an initial license. ELL Candidates are required to compete 19 graduate semester hours of coursework. The 100 hours of clinical experiences are conducted in P-12 schools and supervised by qualified personnel working within the assigned school or district.

Program Completion/Licensure requirements:
  • Take and pass State-required pedagogy and content exams. In Indiana, this includes the ETS Praxis test. The content exam is (5362) English to Speakers of Other Languages.
  • Must complete approved educator preparation program (English Language Learners at Olivet Nazarene University/ONU Global qualifies).
  • All master’s degree candidates must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.


In order to pass the courses, one must complete all required clinical experience hours (if applicable), as well as the mastery assessment assignment(s) with a grade of 80% or higher. The mastery assessment assignment is linked to course objectives that are aligned with state standards for endorsement, so passing the mastery assessment assignment demonstrates competency and ability to master those objectives.

19 hours


The following additional courses may be added to the endorsement courses, leading to a Master of Arts in Education: Curriculum and Instruction.  A GPA of 3.0 or higher is required to complete the program.

ESL/ELL/Bilingual program learning objectives are as follows:

Progress Theory & Research

  • Candidates synthesize major theories and research related to the structure and acquisition of language into practices that help English language learners’ (ELLs’) develop language and literacy skills so they can achieve success in all content areas.
  • Candidates apply major concepts, principles, theories, and research related to the nature and role of culture and cultural groups to construct supportive learning environments for ELLs.

Evidence-Based Practices

  • Candidates demonstrate evidence-based practices and strategies related to planning, implementing, and managing standards-based ESL and content instruction.
  • Candidates integrate knowledge about program models into teaching strategies for developing and integrating language skills.
  • Candidates integrate technology as well as choose and adapt classroom resources appropriate for ELLs.

Assessment Practices

  • Candidates examine, create, and implement best practices for assessment and standards-based procedures with ELLs.

Relevant Classroom Experience

  • Candidates analyze with insight the history of ESL teaching, new instructional techniques, research results, advances in the ESL field, and education policy issued. They use such information to reflect on and improve their instruction and assessment practices.
  • Candidates work collaboratively with school administrators, staff, and the community to improve the learning environment, provide support, and advocate or ELLs and their families.

Values: Faith & Professionalism

  • Candidates exhibit an increased understanding of human nature and Christian values, with an emphasis on the individual’s ethical and moral responsibilities to their teaching field, students, colleagues, and communities.