2019-2020 Catalog 
    May 26, 2024  
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor of Applied Science in Management, B.A.S.

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Jeff Doolittle, M.B.A., Director

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Management (BAS) degree is designed specifically for working adult students who possess work experience in a vocational or technical field and have an Associate of Applied Science degree or comparable educational credentials in an applied science or technical field. The program is designed to build upon vocational/technical foundations and work experience in order to further personal and professional career objectives.

As a BAS student, you will be exposed to the qualitative and quantitative aspects of business administration, including human resources, finance, economics, and marketing.  The program focuses on the integration of your experience to the academic coursework with the intention that the knowledge and skills you develop will be directly applicable to the work environment.  The objectives of the program are to enhance your ability to:+

  • Apply critical thinking skills and identify solutions to problems.
  • Apply theoretical concepts to real-life business situations.
  • Clarify and develop an individual philosophy of ethics and apply it to managerial situations.
  • Access and utilize current technology in order to achieve business objectives.
  • Expand your qualitative and quantitative abilities in preparation for cross-functional roles within an organization.

Program Format

The BAS program is an accredited degree program that offers up to 128 credit hours.  The program offers a core business track, business electives as well as all the general education and elective courses needed to complete your degree with course offerings starting every 6 weeks.

Candidates entering the program with 0-30 hours of previous credits begin with general education and business electives and progress to the core business track.  Candidates transferring more than 30 hours of credit will utilize a mix of general education courses, core business courses, as well as electives to meet the required 128 credit hours.


To graduate, students must successfully complete the BAS curriculum with a GPA of 2.0 or above and have earned a total of 128 credit hours.  Students must complete 40 hours of upper-division coursework and two (2) Bible classes at Olivet.  Students falling below a 2.0 GPA will be put on academic probation and may be subject to suspension from the program.

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